Sonntag, 3. Januar 2010

Gott sieht es nicht gern, daß in Deutschland sitzgepinkelt wird!!!


  1. Amen

    I agree entirely.
    Several Years ago i was in Germany and People seemed to be concerned wheather or not im sitting, by asking me in front of their Bathroomdoor during me taking a Leak? What the ....
    Is'nt it already enough for you People over there being screwed by a Bitch like Merkel?
    On top of that you let the Rest of them Bitches deside how you Man have got to Piss?
    And don't tell me that this was Men Idea.

    No Wonder you sitting Pissends are going down without a Fight!
    If God wanted Men to piss seated he would have give em a Pussy.
    And Dicks for Chicks.

    Amen again

  2. We already lost that fight - Merkel castrated all German men.
    No we are something like that:

    We have the cleanest toilettes of the world.

    It's a scrap of comfort.


  3. Now i understand.
    That looks very very sad. Like a little old rinkled horizontal useless Volcano.
    I have learned that you People kept your Pride in your Foreskin.
    Over here Men get mutilatet right after Birth. Peeled of a vital Organ without being asked for.

    But i'd rather lose my Skin than its content.
    I always knew that Germans are different. In this Case Made in Germany ain't my thing.
    And Yes, I would sit down for good too.

  4. The cutting off the foreskin-mania happens only for religious reasons (Moslem countries + Israel) and moronic reasons (USA).

    All other countries leave the penises of their men alone.

    Only 25% - 30 % of all men in the world are circumcised.

    I have nothing against circumcision at all - but DON’T DO that with babies or little boys, who cannot decide whether they want it or not.

    Circumcision should be forbidden below the age of 18.

    I wrote it down in German in a bigger context: